Grey Fern Herbal – Chase

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My name is Chase, and I’m the head (and only) witch behind Grey Fern Herbal. I love all things mystical and magical. The journey into my practice has been eclectic, but always healing focused. While I went to herb school and am trained in various forms of energy work, my love is ritual and shadow work. The places where deep healing happen inspire everything about my practice.

Through the knowledge of healing with nature I dove deep into the mysticism behind poisonous plants and subtle healing. I am fascinated by ways the Earth can heal whether it be through connection, crystals, or it’s medicine.

Other things about me, I have a black cat named Valeria, my favorite stone is any kind of quartz (the largest crystal family which includes agates, jaspers, chalcedonies, and more!), and my favorite plant is Passion Flower!

I’m so grateful to all of you who have been a part of this journey, many blessings!


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