Aravay Made

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Meet Achara, the founder of Aravay Made. Achara grew up in northern Thailand, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lush rice fields. Her hometown of Chiang Mai is known for its rich, diverse culture: shimmering Buddhist temples, colorful ethnic hill tribes and a long tradition of handmade arts and crafts.
aravay-made-dresses-asheville-ncAchara started Aravay to share Chiang Mai’s unique artisanship with the world, which ranges from rich embroidery to colorfully hand-dyed natural materials. Aravay’s products hand made by Achara and her family and a few crafters in her hometown in Thailand. Aravay is a small family-run businesses.
Achara and her team source out local materials and pay attention in every details of the working process to make sure Aravay’s products are in high quality.
In addition, 5% of sales will be donated to community programs that help children and families in Thailand.
Aravay is sold at both Instant Karma locations.
Aravay Made is sold at both of our shops, Instant Karma Asheville. We currently sell Baby Harem pants on our site with plans to add adult clothing soon!

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