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The Perils of Political Correctness During the Holiday Season

This is the time of year when many cultures and traditions celebrate important holidays.  In recent years, it has become customary to use the expression “Happy Holidays” as an all-inclusive greeting. Although the intentions are good and designed to make everyone feel included, in some instances it has had the opposite effect. Many businesses have made it mandatory for their employees to say “Happy Holidays” for fear of offending some.  Why should the greeting we choose be a big deal, especially if it is said in the spirit of the season? Is it really necessary to mandate political correctness for a


A Stress-Free Holiday Season

For many, the holidays start off bright and quickly give way to the stresses of trying to manage to do too much.  Pressure to find the perfect gifts, plan holiday events, and prepare meals can leave even the most festive person feeling tense.  Fortunately, even amidst the chaos; it is quite possible to have a stress free holiday season when you put your mind to it. The first step is to take a breath and refocus on what truly matters.  Our culture tends to bombard us with advertisements and commercialism, but what most people truly adore about this time of year


The Meaning of a Resolution

As the end of the current year approaches; many start to turn their eyes to the promise that January brings.  There's nothing quite like a new calendar and a new year to inspire optimism, even if it's only fleeting.  Although “New Year's resolutions” are popular and traditional, so is the tendency to break them. So, what is a real resolution and how can you make sure you have the best chance for success? Resolutions are promises first and foremost. They are a promise you make to yourself to do something that will help you grow or better yourself in some way. 


Attract Prosperity Into Your Life

Manifesting and attraction are quite the popular topics these days thanks to several popular mainstream books and movies. The principles of attraction however are ancient and have been taught by mystics and masters for centuries. The foundation of many spiritual practices have this philosophy at their core. They teach us to focus on blessings, being humble, hardworking and grateful. Attracting prosperity is about more than focusing on money or things – it's about developing a state of mind that draws opportunities. One of the best ways to create abundance is to focus on the blessings you already have. Gratitude that is


Ten Ways to be Thankful

During the Thanksgiving season, the focus turns to gratitude and celebration; but consciously focusing on gratitude every day can enrich overall sense of well-being and open the mind up to new possibilities and opportunities throughout the year.  There are many ways to express gratitude and show appreciation to others – no holiday required. Here are ten feel good ways to be thankful and show gratitude in meaningful ways year round.  Write a note Today's world is full of email and texts that lack the personal touch of a handwritten note.  A quick note can brighten anyone's spirits and let them know


Best Ways to use Candles in Ceremonies

From ancient times to modern; candles have long been a staple with many uses.  Candlelight provides a special ambiance that enhances the energy of any space.  Candles can soothe the mind and spirit after a long day at work, or add a touch of romance to any dinner.  Lit candles can be festive at parties, or they can enhance the power of spiritual rituals and ceremonies.  They can turn a regular bath into a spa treatment and are life savers in emergencies when the power goes out. With so many uses; they are by far one of the best tools


Creative Ways to Give and Give Back to Others

As the holidays approach, there is a lot of focus on gift-giving that often comes with a lot of pressure. It can be stressful trying to come up with ideas for meaningful gifts that truly show loved ones just how special and valuable they are. Instead of focusing on the item itself; it's important to remember that the act of giving is itself a gift. It serves as a reminder to not take those we cherish for granted.  How amazing does it feel when you give someone something they truly love?  It enriches a bond that you both share.  The recipient


The Healing Power of Crystals

Since ancient times, many cultures have used crystals, stones and minerals for healing rituals.  Many people are instinctively drawn to stones from a young age, often not understanding the deeper reason why. I remember as a child visiting some local caves with my family.  I was absolutely mesmerized by the rocks and formations, so much so that the adults were chuckling about no longer needing to buy toys – they could simply bring me shiny rocks.  Years later, I am still drawn to many stones and crystals, and today I understand the reasons why. Crystals in particular are able to


How to Use a Healing Wand

Healing wands are used to draw in and direct healing energies to specific areas of the body.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made from various healing stones and crystals.  Some wands are pointed at one end and rounded at the other; while others may feature points at both ends. They can be smooth or faceted, and most often have a polished finish. The long cylinder of the wand is used to draw energy in and direct it in a straight line.  The point guides  the gathered energy into a specific location.  Wands can be used


Crystals for Protection

There are a variety of stones and crystals that can be used to offer protection against negative energies.  Whether you are facing the stress of dealing with a negative person, moving through a stressful change,  or the energies in your home or workplace have simply become stagnant, there are stones that can assist. Dealing with negative people can be exhausting mentally and emotionally and it's important to have the home be a safe space where you can recharge and heal.  Have you ever worked with someone who was incredibly negative and found that you had trouble letting go of that


Different Types of Crystals and Their Meanings

Scientifically, crystals are defined as solid substances having a naturally occurring geometric form. The atoms and molecules that form them are repeated in exactly the same way over and over, giving them their distinct, symmetrical appearance. Numerous types of crystals are formed naturally throughout the world and many different properties are associated with them. Here are some the most popular varieties and their meanings. Calcite is one of the most common specimens of crystal. It comes in a rock formation most often, where you can see all the naturally formed crystals within the center. They are formed when the ideal combination of water,


Empty Your Cup

“Empty your cup” is a common mantra used to teach enlightenment in many disciplines, but what does it mean? To truly gain wisdom and understanding you must make room for new ideas to enter. Take for example the parable of the Master trying to explain a lesson to one of his advanced students. Each time the master spoke to him; he measured what he heard against the many years of knowledge and experience he had already gained. Although this was a normal response; it prevented the student from growing further. To demonstrate this point; the master decided to share tea with his student. He filled both of


How to be at Peace with Yourself

Inner peace is often seen as a goal to be attained. We are taught that when we find happiness; it will bring us peace. As a result, most of us spend our time actively pursuing goals, having careers, buying things, and looking to others for a sense of fulfillment and inner peace. We follow these various paths, only to find that something is still missing despite our best efforts. The truth about inner peace is that it is a state of mind, a choice that can be made. With proper training of the mind and dedication to personal, spiritual growth; it is very possible to have a



Chakras are energy centers in the auric field that correspond with specific areas of the body. They facilitate the flow of Chi, or life force energy, throughout our being. When they are unable to flow freely or become blocked; various mental, emotional and even physical symptoms can result. Many people work with the Chakras to facilitate whole being wellness. There are Seven primary chakras that are aligned along the body. Each one has a specific color, symbol and different properties associated with it. Meditating and focusing on these energy centers can help restore positive energy, relieve stress and open one up spiritually to higher realms of awareness


Finding Your Sacred Space

Finding your sacred space within is easier when you take the time to create a harmonious area in your home dedicated to spiritual practice. It can be as simple as a small corner in one room. The only thing that is required is to have a spot that is quiet and free from clutter and outside distractions. This is your place, an oasis of sorts, where all the cares of the world fall away when you enter. Think of it as a unique refuge created just for you – because it is, and over time it will become a living part of you. When you allow


Incense for Protection

Incense is a timeless tool for any spiritual practice. One of it's most popular uses, is using incense for protection. It has been used since ancient times, throughout many of the worlds traditions for purification purposes. Incense is believed to cleanse and consecrate sacred spaces, removing negative energies and allowing the higher spiritual vibrations to flow in. Incense is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance your spiritual practices and welcome protective, harmonious energies into your home. It comes in a variety of forms. Cone and stick incense are the most popular varieties. Cone incense tends to have a shorter


Simplify Your Life

"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little." John Zabat-Zinn Modern society is truly awe inspiring. Think of all the discoveries mankind has made in the past century, or even just the past 50 years. Technology has exploded and we are connected with information at the touch of a button. This is truly a remarkable time in history and human evolution, but in the creation of all these marvels, we seem to have forgotten the beauty of simplicity. Many are totally connected all the time. Tweets, texts, tickers and all sorts of things vie for our attention. This is on top of jobs, household


Mala Beads

Mala Beads, also known as prayer beads, are part of ancient Buddhist and Hindu tradition, dating back as far as the 10th energy. They can be used for the simple recitation of prayers during meditation, or to help reinforce positive mantras that promote personal growth and transcendence. Mala beads are strung and formed into a loop and often have a tassel at the end. The strands that hold malas together symbolize the thread that connects all life. Malas are commonly made with 108 beads to correspond with Buddhist teachings. In traditional Buddhism, the 108 worldly sins (kleshas), are derived from the six senses multiplied by 3


Benefits of Laughing and Smiling

“Laughter is the Best Medicine” Chances are you've heard this expression before, and in fact, it is a great truth. Laughter is a natural gift that creates feelings of well-being and empowerment. It has been shown scientifically to improve both mental and physical health.  It is so widely recognized that Cancer Centers of America promotes “laughter therapy” as a strong complimentary treatment for those battling very serious illnesses. When you laugh, it not only makes you feel better emotionally; it creates a series of responses in the body that facilitate healing.  Laughter has been shown to boost the function of the


Prayer Flags: What They Are and How to Use Them

Prayer Flags have a long history, dating back thousands of years.  They are associated with Tibetan Buddhism but some historic sources say they are much older.  According to tradition, prayer flags are believed to carry prayers and positive intentions on the wind, and are used to attract peace and harmony in both the home and community. It is said, the prayers of the one who places the flags are carried out to the universe with every touch of the wind. Prayer flags are imprinted with sacred mantras and images.  They come in sets of five, each with a different color.  The

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