Feng Shui

Sage Smudge

The use of sage smudge sticks is based in Native American tradition and can help to cleanse and purify your environment. These smudge sticks are made from natural botanicals and are mostly used for cleansing spaces such as homes.  In addition to their metaphysical cleansing properties, these natural botanicals also have an amazing, calming aroma and are perfect for use in soap-making, crafts, scented sleep pillows and more. Our sweetgrass braids are used in conjunction with smudge sticks in purification rituals, especially to welcome in positive energies after a cleansing ceremony has been performed.


Attract Prosperity Into Your Life

Manifesting and attraction are quite the popular topics these days thanks to several popular mainstream books and movies. The principles of attraction however are ancient and have been taught by mystics and masters for centuries. The foundation of many spiritual practices have this philosophy at their core. They teach us to focus on blessings, being humble, hardworking and grateful. Attracting prosperity is about more than focusing on money or things – it's about developing a state of mind that draws opportunities. One of the best ways to create abundance is to focus on the blessings you already have. Gratitude that is


Finding Your Sacred Space

Finding your sacred space within is easier when you take the time to create a harmonious area in your home dedicated to spiritual practice. It can be as simple as a small corner in one room. The only thing that is required is to have a spot that is quiet and free from clutter and outside distractions. This is your place, an oasis of sorts, where all the cares of the world fall away when you enter. Think of it as a unique refuge created just for you – because it is, and over time it will become a living part of you. When you allow


Cleansing Your Home and Aura

Do you ever have days where you feel sluggish and aren't sure why? Does your home sometimes feel tense or stuffy instead of calm and inviting? If so, it may be time to do a cleansing ritual to free pent up energies and restore your vitality. There are many tools and techniques that can restore the flow of positive energy.  In Feng Shui, different cures are used throughout the home to ward off negativity and welcome positive, healing vibrations.  Let's take a look at a few ways you can easily improve the harmony in your home,  increase your personal energy and


Feng Shui in the Office

Many people are aware of the benefits of Feng Shui in the home. Feng Shui principles can help facilitate peaceful, harmonious energies, making the home more inviting and energizing. There are techniques for increasing prosperity, clearing negativity, and even improving relationships among family members. Fortunately, Feng Shui can also provide many of the same benefits to the office environment, creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for work that facilitates productivity and attracts more prosperity and abundance.  We spend a great deal of time working; so it's important to focus on making the workspace as functional and peaceful as possible. Simple Tips


Water Fountains in Feng Shui

Fountains bring the energy of water, which is said in Feng Shui to be a symbol of prosperity and abundance.   Water features are also used to stimulate stagnant areas and get positive energy flowing.  Think of sitting by a waterfall, or listening to the sounds of a gently flowing stream.  Notice how just the thought of flowing water is instantly soothing? Moving water facilitates good energy flow, which in turn naturally relieves stress and promotes a more harmonious atmosphere. Emotions are a lot like water, they carry certain energetic vibrations.  When they build up or become stagnant, they can become toxic


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