How to Show Your Mom You Appreciate Her

Our moms and the mother figures in our lives do so much without wanting or needing recognition. Moms are our comfort when we need to be comforted, they are our compasses when we need help finding our way, and they are the ones who are the happiest when we succeed. Sometimes we forget how much it would mean to let our mom, grandmother, aunt, or any other nurturing woman in our lives know how much we appreciate them. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the words or actions to let them know we care. That’s why we’re sharing five


The Perils of Political Correctness During the Holiday Season

This is the time of year when many cultures and traditions celebrate important holidays.  In recent years, it has become customary to use the expression “Happy Holidays” as an all-inclusive greeting. Although the intentions are good and designed to make everyone feel included, in some instances it has had the opposite effect. Many businesses have made it mandatory for their employees to say “Happy Holidays” for fear of offending some.  Why should the greeting we choose be a big deal, especially if it is said in the spirit of the season? Is it really necessary to mandate political correctness for a


A Stress-Free Holiday Season

For many, the holidays start off bright and quickly give way to the stresses of trying to manage to do too much.  Pressure to find the perfect gifts, plan holiday events, and prepare meals can leave even the most festive person feeling tense.  Fortunately, even amidst the chaos; it is quite possible to have a stress free holiday season when you put your mind to it. The first step is to take a breath and refocus on what truly matters.  Our culture tends to bombard us with advertisements and commercialism, but what most people truly adore about this time of year


Creative Ways to Give and Give Back to Others

As the holidays approach, there is a lot of focus on gift-giving that often comes with a lot of pressure. It can be stressful trying to come up with ideas for meaningful gifts that truly show loved ones just how special and valuable they are. Instead of focusing on the item itself; it's important to remember that the act of giving is itself a gift. It serves as a reminder to not take those we cherish for granted.  How amazing does it feel when you give someone something they truly love?  It enriches a bond that you both share.  The recipient


How to Appreciate the Father Figure in Your Life

Dad's contributions are not often as well-recognized or acknowledged as Moms.  Mothers are most often depicted as the emotionally invested nurturers and caretakers, while dads role has traditionally been depicted as that of the provider, problem solver and rule enforcer.  Recent studies however, have proven that a loving, involved dad has a greater impact on the lives of his children than many might realize. Research has shown that children who are raised by involved fathers are more likely to be self-confident, emotionally secure and better able to develop better social connections as they grow older. Other studies have also shown a


Celebrating Motherhood

May brings the freshness of Spring with all the flowers and natural abundance.  Once again, the Earth is reborn and comes to life.  Birds lay their eggs, wild animals can be spotted with their young.  It is a perfect time to honor motherhood in its entirety - from the Earth Mother, to the women in our lives who give of themselves freely to raise, nurture and support us from the day we are born and throughout our lives. Motherhood has been revered and honored in numerous cultures throughout history.  The Divine Feminine is depicted in different ways, through different prominent female


Celtic Products and Celebrations

There are many ancient Celtic festivals and traditions.  Although many of the customs have changed, the roots of the traditions lie in ancient Celtic history.  Samhain is a great example – once a celebration of the harvest and a time used to pay reverence to the dead, the modern “Halloween” takes some of it's customs from the original festival. Children going door to door was done even in ancient times. Back then, the children would offer prayers for the deceased in exchange for sweet cakes.  In many Pagan circles, Samhain is still considered one of the most sacred of


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas His and Hers

   The New Age Source provides a wide array of unique metaphysical and spiritual products as well as home-decor and other items.  If you want something truly unique that you can't find anywhere else, you're in the right place.  Here are a few of our suggestions for last-minute gifts for men and women. For Him For the men with a practical nature, a perpetual calendar is not only highly functional and long-lasting, it's also beautiful.  A perpetual calendar never needs to be replaced.  Our calendar is hand carved and made of stone.  The lettering and numbering have been painted in black. 


Unique Gifts for Your Office Gift Exchange

New Age Source specializes in unique, meaningful gifts.  If you are looking for something unusual and interesting to bless your co-workers with, be sure to visit our site for a wide range of items.  You can also take advantage of our black Black Friday holiday sale, from Friday, November 29th – Monday, December 2nd.  Get 20% off store-wide. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for your office gift exchange.  Enjoy any of the following high-quality, but inexpensive choices. Our ceramic spiral moon candle holder has a unique shape and is designed to hold the melted candle wax,


Products to Encourage Giving Thanks Daily

This is the time of year where much attention is given to the Thanksgiving holiday. During this holiday season, many people choose to gather with loved ones and focus on feasting and celebration.  Feelings of abundance and warmth are what draw people to this holiday, but what if you could experience the live-altering blessings of gratitude every single day? Think back to the last time you were truly grateful. What happened? How did it change your life and how did it make you feel?  Sometimes, even the smallest acts of kindness touch us in profound and moving ways.  Those who allow


5 Father’s Day Gifts for the Modern Man Cave

Father’s Day presents a perfect opportunity for a man cave makeover. Dad’s getaway, whether a room or just a cozy nook to himself, is the perfect retreat for letting his masculine flag fly. Although we can respect the mysterious on goings of this forbidden place, it’s time we show dad that we know there’s a lot more going on inside him as well. Here are 5 gift ideas for the modern man cave that do just that: The Web of Life Banner Web of Life Banner   The hustle and bustle of modern living often supercharges the perfect Father’s


Celebrate Samhain

Celebrate Samhain the ancient Celtic Pagan celebration marking the end of the year. The actual day of celebration is November 1st, but in keeping with the ancient practices that followed the lunar calendar, celebrations begin at sunset on October 31st and last for three days. It is this practice that has linked the Samhain celebration to Halloween which is also observed on October 31st. Ancient Samhain celebrations began with extinguishing all fires in the home, followed by an extensive fall cleaning usually done by the entire family. The cleaning signified the out with the old and in with the new philosophy. Villages


Celebrate Mabon

The autumn equinox also known as Mabon is celebrated by many Wiccans and Pagans, though it is considered a lesser sabbat. Mabon is a time when the day and the night are equally divided. It is a time to honor the second harvest and the Green Man. For Wiccans it is also a time to honor the aging Goddess as makes her way from Mother Crone. Ancient Pagans celebrated the birth of Mabon the “Great Son” of the earth Goddess Mordon. Legends state that when Mabon was three days old he was stolen from his mother. By working together the Owl,


Celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi

The birth of Lord Ganesha is celebrated by Hindus worldwide in an 11 day festival know as Ganesha Chaturthi. The festival takes place during the Hindu month of Bhadra. In 2012 the celebration will begin on September 19 and end on ‘Ananta Chaturdashi’ (September 29th). Ganesha, the elephant God, is one of the most iconic and easily recognizable Hindu deities. He is the Lord of success, intelligence, wisdom, education, prudence, luck and fortune. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles and the destroyer of evil. He is the patron of the arts, science and education. Ganesha is honored and worshipped with affection


Be an Angel Day

Be an angel day is held annually on August 22. On this day people from all corners of the earth are encouraged to act like angels by lending a hand to those who are in need. Your assistance can be in any form: emotional, physical, or spiritual. In addition, this day is also a day to give thanks and recognition to all of the angels in your life.


Celebrate Krishna Day

Hindus around the world will be celebrating Krishna Day also known as Janmashtami this year on August 10, 2012. This date marks the birth of Lord Krishna the much loved Hindu deity. He is believed to be the eighth and most powerful incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to legend, the city of Mathura was once ruled by an evil king named Kansa. The king’s oracles warned him that his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva would have a male child (Sri Krishna) who would one day kill him. This news infuriated Kansa. Desperate to save himself he orders the killing of all Devaki’s



Obon is a joyous three day festival held in Japan during mid-July to honor ones deceased relatives. It is believed during this sacred time that the spirits of the ancestors return to the earth to visit their families. The festival is based on the story of a Buddhist disciple named Mokureen Sonja. Mokureen is said to have had a vision of his deceased mother. In his vision he saw that his mother had stumbled into the pathway of the Hungry Ghost and was suffering. Mokureen, desperate to save his mother asked the Buddha for guidance. He is told to make many offering


Summer Solstice 2012 & Litha

June 20th marks the summer solstice and the beginning of summer. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the day that has the longest hours of daylight. Conversely, it also marks the winter solstice in the Southern Hemisphere, with its seasons running opposite of the Northern Hemisphere. The word “solstice” derived from the Latin words sol(sun), sistere (to stand still) and, or stitium (to stop). During this astronomical event, which happens twice a year, the angle between the Earth’s equator and the Sun’s ray appears to stop or stand still. Many people believe that the different seasons are due to the Earth’s


Honoring Mothers

  Mankind has been honoring mothers since antiquity. In the days of old, only goddesses and mythical female deities were glorified. The ancient Greeks paid tribute to Rhea, mother of many Grecian Gods, while the Egyptians venerated Isis, mother of the pharaohs. Each of these cultures celebrated for several days with parades, games, decorations and food. As Christianity spread the practice of honoring the “Mother Church” became customary. The Mother Church was the church at which one was baptized. Parishioners would pay tribute to their church by decorating it with jewels, flowers and other offerings. The practice of honoring our “human


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