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It’s True! Evidence That Thoughts Shape Reality

Is there any scientific evidence that shows our thoughts directly influence our physical reality and surroundings? Actually, there is - and this unique research was conducted in the 1990's by a Japanese author and researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto believed, and set out to prove, that human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water.  So, what does this mean?  Consider this: half of the Earth and three-quarters of the human body are made of water. If human consciousness changes the molecular structure of water; it follows that our thoughts do shape our physical reality.  Dr. Emoto's research provides photographic evidence


Sage Smudge

The use of sage smudge sticks is based in Native American tradition and can help to cleanse and purify your environment. These smudge sticks are made from natural botanicals and are mostly used for cleansing spaces such as homes.  In addition to their metaphysical cleansing properties, these natural botanicals also have an amazing, calming aroma and are perfect for use in soap-making, crafts, scented sleep pillows and more. Our sweetgrass braids are used in conjunction with smudge sticks in purification rituals, especially to welcome in positive energies after a cleansing ceremony has been performed.


How to Use Stones for Healing

Stones can be used as an aid for all types of healing - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. All aspects of our being are intimately connected, whether we perceive it or not. When we focus on healing one area, the other corresponding aspects respond in kind. Have you ever felt sadness after going through something traumatic and noticed that you physically felt heavier, particularly in the chest area? Perhaps it felt hard to take a breath, or like a weight was sitting on your chest. The feeling of a “broken heart” is actually your heart center or heart chakra. The


Different Pendulums and Their Uses

Pendulums are a very versatile tool for personal growth and consciousness expansion.  They're easy to learn, can travel with you anywhere, and can be used for self-hypnosis, energy healing, meditation and divination. In this article you'll learn different pendulums and their uses. Pendulums are made from many materials, from beautiful woods like Coconut, to semi-precious gemstones and metals.  Each material provides unique properties that can intensify the work you do with your pendulum.  When choosing a pendulum(s), consider the primary goals you have for it and choose materials that will best enhance those practices. For energy healing practices, a pendulum



With specimens that have dated back almost 2 billion years, Shungite is indeed a very ancient, and powerful, stone.  It is also quite rare, found only in the Karelia region in Russia. It's origins are very mysterious and no consensus has been reached by scientists as to how it came to exist on Earth.  Theories abound, from it being the remains of ancient sea life that no longer exist today, to the possibility that it came here via meteorites.  It's history, mystery and age alone make it a truly special stone to add to your collection, but it is also


Rune Sets

Rune sets are stones with etched symbols often cast for divination purposes.  They are Scandinavian in origin and have been around for centuries, dating back to as far as 150 AD.  The symbols were an original form of alphabet used before the Roman alphabet took hold in Europe.  Each symbol was made of straight lines, making them easier to carve into stone. Over time, this meanings of the letters evolved into a deeper esoteric symbolism.  Casting runes can help you see situations from a more well-rounded perspective with their messages.  Interpretations are not difficult and with practice, Runes can be


5 Must Have Spiritual Tools

Here are 5 must have spiritual tools: Many people choose to create a space in their home that allows them to reconnect spiritually, a personal oasis or spiritual sanctuary, where it's possible to release the cares of the world and reconnect with Spirit. Creating a personal space for quiet reflection is a great way to enrich your life with a higher sense of purpose and meaning. Every sanctuary is highly personal, but there are several tools that can enhance the receptivity and positive energy of any sacred space. 5 Must Have Spiritual Tools Prayer Banners A prayer banner is a simple,


Palo Santo

The Palo Santo tree (Bursera graveolens) grows in various regions of South and Central America. Palo Santo has been used for centuries by Shamans for its wide array of healing benefits.  The Spanish translation for this tree  is literally “holy wood”.  The branches and bark are burned in ceremonies to promote healing and also for purification and protection against evil spirits and energies. One of the most intriguing things about Palo Santo is that it is 100% sustainable. The wood is harvested using only branches and twigs gathered from the ground;  no trees are felled in the process. In Ecuador,


Best Ways to use Candles in Ceremonies

From ancient times to modern; candles have long been a staple with many uses.  Candlelight provides a special ambiance that enhances the energy of any space.  Candles can soothe the mind and spirit after a long day at work, or add a touch of romance to any dinner.  Lit candles can be festive at parties, or they can enhance the power of spiritual rituals and ceremonies.  They can turn a regular bath into a spa treatment and are life savers in emergencies when the power goes out. With so many uses; they are by far one of the best tools



Chakras are energy centers in the auric field that correspond with specific areas of the body. They facilitate the flow of Chi, or life force energy, throughout our being. When they are unable to flow freely or become blocked; various mental, emotional and even physical symptoms can result. Many people work with the Chakras to facilitate whole being wellness. There are Seven primary chakras that are aligned along the body. Each one has a specific color, symbol and different properties associated with it. Meditating and focusing on these energy centers can help restore positive energy, relieve stress and open one up spiritually to higher realms of awareness


Incense for Protection

Incense is a timeless tool for any spiritual practice. One of it's most popular uses, is using incense for protection. It has been used since ancient times, throughout many of the worlds traditions for purification purposes. Incense is believed to cleanse and consecrate sacred spaces, removing negative energies and allowing the higher spiritual vibrations to flow in. Incense is a simple and inexpensive way to enhance your spiritual practices and welcome protective, harmonious energies into your home. It comes in a variety of forms. Cone and stick incense are the most popular varieties. Cone incense tends to have a shorter


Mala Beads

Mala Beads, also known as prayer beads, are part of ancient Buddhist and Hindu tradition, dating back as far as the 10th energy. They can be used for the simple recitation of prayers during meditation, or to help reinforce positive mantras that promote personal growth and transcendence. Mala beads are strung and formed into a loop and often have a tassel at the end. The strands that hold malas together symbolize the thread that connects all life. Malas are commonly made with 108 beads to correspond with Buddhist teachings. In traditional Buddhism, the 108 worldly sins (kleshas), are derived from the six senses multiplied by 3


Prayer Flags: What They Are and How to Use Them

Prayer Flags have a long history, dating back thousands of years.  They are associated with Tibetan Buddhism but some historic sources say they are much older.  According to tradition, prayer flags are believed to carry prayers and positive intentions on the wind, and are used to attract peace and harmony in both the home and community. It is said, the prayers of the one who places the flags are carried out to the universe with every touch of the wind. Prayer flags are imprinted with sacred mantras and images.  They come in sets of five, each with a different color.  The


Healing Pendulums

Healing Pendulums are beautiful, come in a variety of shapes and are made from many different materials. Although most recognize them as tools of divination, they serve a variety of purposes.   They are used to amplify energy, communicate with the collective consciousness and higher self, and can also assist in energy healing work. Learning to work with a pendulum is not difficult, all it requires is a bit of practice once you connect with, and properly calibrate it.   To effectively use a pendulum, you need to be grounded and focused on full and present awareness.  It is an almost meditative,


Worry Stones for Anxiety

Have you ever wondered how a worry stone works? Can it actually help reduce anxiety – or is it just a novelty item? It turns out,  psychological theory supports the use of worry stones.  According to the principles of cognitive behavior therapy, the use of a worry stone can be a healthy self-soothing exercise that can help counteract negative comforting habits like nail or lip biting for example. Worry stones are often used in combination with other relaxation exercises.  The presence of the stone serves as a reminder to use affirmations, visualization or other coping tools.  If you rub your worry


Properties of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone that has been used as a protective talisman since ancient times. In this article we will discuss some of the properties of black tourmaline. In some cultures, it was believed to protect against demonic activity and used to dispel all negative energies and counteract evil spells.  Today, it is used for spiritual protection, but is also said to help deflect self-destructive thoughts and emotions.  It can soothe the mind from anxiety and help prevent and relieve panic attacks.   Black tourmaline is also said to protect against negative atmospheric elements like radiation and pollutants given off


Dreamcatcher Meanings and Uses

Dream catchers have their origins in Native American tradition, but they have been made popular once again in recent years.  They have gained popularity as a spiritual tool within the New Age movement, and are also enjoyed by the mainstream population as art and home decoration.  Traditional dream catchers feature willow hoops with a woven web usually made from red yarn or sinew. At the center of this web is a smaller, open web where no thread crosses.  At the bottom of the hoop are leather cords with dangling feathers attached. Today, dream catchers are created with a variety of styles


Singing Bowls Make a Beautiful Gift

Instant Karma Asheville, we believe singing bowls make a beautiful gift. We offer a wide variety of singing bowl sets and they are among our most popular items.  These beautiful, handcrafted bowls make a great gift for any occasion. Singing bowls are meditation tools that come from Tibetan tradition.  When the rim of the bowl is rubbed by the wooden mallet it helps place the brain in a meditative state.  The bowls produce sounds on the same alpha wavelength found in the brainwaves induced by meditation. Singing bowls aren't just for meditation either.  They provide sound therapy and are used


Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas His and Hers

   The New Age Source provides a wide array of unique metaphysical and spiritual products as well as home-decor and other items.  If you want something truly unique that you can't find anywhere else, you're in the right place.  Here are a few of our suggestions for last-minute gifts for men and women. For Him For the men with a practical nature, a perpetual calendar is not only highly functional and long-lasting, it's also beautiful.  A perpetual calendar never needs to be replaced.  Our calendar is hand carved and made of stone.  The lettering and numbering have been painted in black. 


Premium Tea Sets and Mugs

Imagine coming inside to a nice pot of tea on a frosty cold morning.  How about a hot brew to warm and wake you before heading out to work?  Nothing beats a pot of your favorite brew on a cold winters day, whether it's in the morning to get your blood pumping, or in the evening to shake off the cold as you settle in. Our premium ceramic tea sets are a great way to enjoy a splendid brew - and share it with a loved one. Did you know drinking a cup of tea not only feels good, it's great


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