The Meaning of a Resolution

As the end of the current year approaches; many start to turn their eyes to the promise that January brings.  There's nothing quite like a new calendar and a new year to inspire optimism, even if it's only fleeting.  Although “New Year's resolutions” are popular and traditional, so is the tendency to break them. So, what is a real resolution and how can you make sure you have the best chance for success? Resolutions are promises first and foremost. They are a promise you make to yourself to do something that will help you grow or better yourself in some way. 


Spring Equinox and Renewed Energies

March 20 marks the 2014 Vernal (Spring) equinox.  During the equinox, day and night are both equal once again as the days begin to get longer.  At this time, the Earth begins to change in preparation for the coming growing season. The ground warms and new signs of life begin to emerge from the once frozen landscape.  Buds start to form on the trees, Robins and other birds of Spring begin to appear. As soon as the ground thaws, brilliant yellow daffodils and other early Spring flowers start to emerge. This is a season of joy and excitement.  As the Earth


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