The Power of Now

Empty Your Cup

“Empty your cup” is a common mantra used to teach enlightenment in many disciplines, but what does it mean? To truly gain wisdom and understanding you must make room for new ideas to enter. Take for example the parable of the Master trying to explain a lesson to one of his advanced students. Each time the master spoke to him; he measured what he heard against the many years of knowledge and experience he had already gained. Although this was a normal response; it prevented the student from growing further. To demonstrate this point; the master decided to share tea with his student. He filled both of


5 Habits to Eliminate to Ensure you Achieve Your Goals for 2014

It's a new year and many people have resolved to reach new goals for 2014.  There tends to be a great deal of enthusiasm for creating resolutions, but what many don't consider is how to break bad habits that lead to self-sabotage.  It's difficult, if not impossible, to reach new goals if bad habits are holding you back.  Here are 5 habits to eliminate to ensure you reach your goals this year. Procrastination is a dream killer that leads many to sabotage themselves.  Have you ever wondered why you just can't seem to do what you need to on time? Do


Want to make life last longer?

Want to make life last longer? I've discovered that as we age the years seem to flying by faster and faster. As a child, we live for the day, fully in the moment. We only concerned ourselves with gathering enough people for the game, and we never looked much further into the future than our next meal. This day-to-day existence gave us 365 days a year. As an adult, we are thinking about next months mortgage, Christmas (even though it's 6 months away), saving for retirement, we are living our lives for tomorrow, next week, next year and so on. I


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