The Perils of Political Correctness During the Holiday Season

This is the time of year when many cultures and traditions celebrate important holidays.  In recent years, it has become customary to use the expression “Happy Holidays” as an all-inclusive greeting. Although the intentions are good and designed to make everyone feel included, in some instances it has had the opposite effect. Many businesses have made it mandatory for their employees to say “Happy Holidays” for fear of offending some.  Why should the greeting we choose be a big deal, especially if it is said in the spirit of the season? Is it really necessary to mandate political correctness for a


The Meaning of a Resolution

As the end of the current year approaches; many start to turn their eyes to the promise that January brings.  There's nothing quite like a new calendar and a new year to inspire optimism, even if it's only fleeting.  Although “New Year's resolutions” are popular and traditional, so is the tendency to break them. So, what is a real resolution and how can you make sure you have the best chance for success? Resolutions are promises first and foremost. They are a promise you make to yourself to do something that will help you grow or better yourself in some way. 


Misconceptions About Wicca

Witchcraft and Wicca are often falsely portrayed by the media, resulting in many myths and misunderstandings.  In recent times, Wicca in particular has been misrepresented, and portrayed in unfavorable ways.  Let's look at some of the common misconceptions that surround Wicca and clarify them. The most damaging myth about Wicca is the perpetuation of the myth that the Wiccan religion is connected with Satanism.  Wiccans do not acknowledge, nor accept the idea of a devil as it exists in the Christian tradition. Wiccans do not believe in, and therefore do not worship Satan. The pentagram is a sacred symbol in Wicca and


The True Meaning Behind Halloween

 Ah, it's October and many people are anxiously anticipating the joy of fall weather and the buildup to the Halloween festivities. Halloween is a much-loved holiday throughout many countries of the world. It has taken its shape from a long line of beliefs and traditions from many cultures. Our modern version if a hodge-podge of different pieces from those ancient times, but is now a largely secular holiday. For many however, Halloween, also known as Samhain (prounounced Sow – in), is a spiritual celebration with great meaning. What is Samhain? Samhain is a festival that marks the end of the harvest and the beginning


Metaphysical Products and Practices that Promote Peace

Are you looking to welcome more serenity into your world? Do you have visions of acceptance and grace among people everywhere? Many traditions have taught us that peace begins at home, by fostering understanding and developing compassion for both self and others. Focusing on our connection with all living fosters empathy and understanding. This leads to a lasting peace that not only makes you happier, but those blessings extend to others as well. Peace can be welcomed into our lives by remembering and honoring the fact that we all come from one source. Namaste is a simple word that sums this up


How to Find Peace From Within

  Is it really possible to find peace within yourself, not for just fleeting moments, but real lasting peace? Actually, yes it is. Inner peace is a series of choices and habits that can be recognized, developed and put to use whenever you need.  Imagine yourself able to let go and completely relax at will. Positive Thinking Did you know optimists are far better at recognizing new opportunities and staying motivated to reach their goals? They often excel in life, not because they have super-human skills or strengths, but because they have a strong faith in themselves that fuels their drive and determination.  This


Ways to Destress at Work

Do you find yourself feeling tense at work? Do deadlines, co-workers or other issues create a disagreeable environment? Stress in the workplace is very common and it leads to a variety of problems including decreased satisfaction and productivity. Long term, chronic stress can lead to a variety of health problems including anxiety, depression and increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It's important to manage stress regularly to stay healthy - body, mind and spirit. Get a little more zen in your workday with the following tips:Take regular breaks. Sitting for prolonged periods is not healthy physically, and it can also cause mental


Relax Daily – A Step-by-Step Guide to Add Relaxation to Your Daily Routine

When most people think of relaxing, images of vacations, or unwinding after a hard day at work come to mind. While these are certainly great times to get away from it all and get refreshed, that isn't enough to battle the ravages of stress on the body, mind and spirit. Relaxation should be practiced regularly throughout the day. Many people resist this idea, because they feel it will make them less productive, or that others will feel they are “lazy”, however this is not the case. The truth is, regular relaxation techniques have surprising benefits.  For example, those who take time to


How to Find Happiness

This is the question every person on the planet has likely pondered at various points in life. How do I find happiness? It is often an elusive answer, one that takes a long time to discover, but once you know the secret to true joy, it becomes something ingrained in you that can never be taken away. Most people believe happiness is a goal, a destination they must reach through some other channel. How often have you told yourself things like “When I find my soulmate I'll be happy” or “When I have the right job, then I'll be happy”, etc. When


Detox your home Naturally

BAMBOO-When bamboo is baked at ultra-high temperatures, it turns into absorbent charcoal. This charcoal becomes an odor magnet which then draws in bad odors and also hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. SALT CRYSTAL LAMP- When the salt gets heated by the low wattage bulb, salt crystals are released into the air and attach to impurities, weighing them down so they cannot circulate and you will not breathe them in. It will also neutralize pollutants and toxins, and it offers light therapy CINNAMON-studies show that the scent of cinnamon reduces fatigue, makes you feel happier, and increases your attention span.


Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are an inexpensive, beautiful way to decorate, improve your health and clear the air. The lamps emit a delicate, warm glow that is soothing and inviting, but looking beautiful isn't the salt lamps only job. Once you understand how they work and all the ways they benefit your health, you'll want to include them throughout your home and workspace. How do Salt Lamps Work?Salt crystals have been created over millions of years. When the ocean waters evaporated in various parts of the world, the crystals were formed. Lamps are crafted in a variety of sizes from the excavated crystals. USB


Yes, We Can Have It All. Just Not All At Once

Gender roles have always been crucial in determining how men and women define success. Until now, that is. A recent global research study found that when it comes to successfully balancing our personal and professional lives men and women tend to believe that they can have it all, just not at the same time. The study zeroed in on how over 4,000 professionals around the globe defined success in their careers and personal lives. Spoiler alert: gender had much ado about nothing.The gender role progression has worn many hats here in the US-- the centuries old female road of meek and


5 Incense Aromas to Lift Your Mood

Despite its ancient origins, incense burning often epitomizes the Western World’s definition of New Age. The pleasure-inducing quality of incense aroma is deeply embedded in mainstream medicine throughout other areas of the world, however. Science has shown that the essential oils and plant matter found in incense resin stimulate areas of the brain that regulate emotions and memory. In short, burning incense can play a real role in managing stress and lifting your mood. Finally, modern day science has caught up with the wisdom of our ancestors. Fragrance can be truly therapeutic!Here are 5 of the best mood enhancing incense resins:Inca


The Key to a Better You!

We often forget how intertwined our physical and mental health are.  True personal fulfillment requires all-around wellness, a careful balance of mental, physical and spiritual health.  The flawless synergy of mind, body, and soul is something many want to achieve, but don’t know how. It’s become second nature to reach for the nearest prescription   when any form of illness strikes.  This thinking has bread a culture that inherently seeks out temporary fixes for instances of illness instead of focusing on long term tactics to promote overall wellness.  Instead of filling yourself with toxic medicines, new age experts advocate for the use of



To achieve true liberation we must pursue mindfulness so we become aware of our minds. In this way we can release the anchor of materialism and flow back to our source of Spirit


Think Positively

If you think positively, sound becomes music, movement becomes dance, smile becomes laughter, mind becomes meditation and life becomes a Celebration!

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