Jessica Lakshmi – Gift of Lakshmi Botanical Oils

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Jessica Lakshmi – Gift of Lakshmi Botanical Oils ~ Botanical Treasures is an Asheville-based business, created in 2016 by Jessica Lakshmi. The Gift of Lakshmi oils are for anyone, of any age, who wants a BeautyFull gift of pure, Organic Aromatherapy! These blends also serve as a Botanical Perfume, a Natural Moisturizer, and Visual Art.

Each bottle includes many layers, distinctive looks, and special meanings to enhance the experience. Crystals, flowers, flower essence and essential oils are in every bottle, All in a base of fractionated coconut oil. All organic, plant magic!

Lakshmi is the name I chose as it is my given spiritual name. She also is the great goddess that represents Spiritual & Worldly abundance. Depicted with gold coins falling from her hands, I like to imagine that every bottle is her offering of a gift or botanical treasure.

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