Gemstone Mala Lotus 7 Chakras (Each) 98056


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Mala beads, or prayer beads, are an ancient type of rosary used to count the repetitions of a prayer or mantra during meditation. The cord that strings the beads together represents the thread of life that joins all together. A Lotus pendant is attached to the tassel.
Using gemstone mala beads enhances your meditation practice with the properties of the stones used. Natural stone beads require great skill to produce and each bead is a work of art in itself.
This set of prayer beads includes gemstones representing each of the 7 primary chakras. Garnet, Carnelian, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Turquoise, Sodalite and Amethyst. Meditation on the chakras helps increase higher awareness and draws healing energies throughout the body, mind and soul.
Assorted Gemstones
Length: 24 inches
6mm beads

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