Glass & Metal Lantern Lotus Purple & Pink


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Add a beautiful, uplifting glow to your favorite space with this lovely lantern. The intricately patterned pressed glass panels in vibrant purple and pink will add an enticing aura to your favorite space. Color has the power to influence moods and emotions.

Purple represents our connection to our source. It is deeply spiritual and said to bring and enhance wisdom and understanding. Pink is the color of love, said to bring feelings of devotion and increase compassion. The Lotus flower is a symbol of personal growth and enlightenment. To blossom, the lotus must emerge from the depths of darkness out into the light.

The lantern features an old world design with elaborately detailed cutouts that cast a lovely glow and soft shadows. Can be used alone, or combined with other lanterns to create a custom display with maximum impact.


Height: 8.5 inches
Materials: Metal and Glass

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