Third Eye Wood Palo Santo Incense Sticks (each)


Palo Santo wood incense is a perfect companion for “smudging” and “clearing” rituals. Its botanical relationship to Frankincense and Myrrh makes it among the highest vibrating substances for energy work. Known as “the wood of the Saints,” Palo Santo has long been respected and revered for its ability to dispel negativity and generate positivity. When the essence of Palo Santo is released, the high concentrations of terpenes (biosynthetic building blocks) facilitate the oxygenation of brain cells which results in an emotional uplift w/ mental clarity. The South American brother to our North American sister, Sage, the two, when used in combination, promote a balance of male and female energy. Palo Santo is also used to clear and re-charge crystals used in energy work, enhancing their receptivity. Sticks are self-extinguishing. $4.99 per stick.

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