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Handcrafted, essential oil perfume roll-ons are healthy alternative to chemical-based perfumes that are both grounding and uplifting. Our Zusa brand is not factory-made, and our process is not automated. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Asheville, NC, we hand-craft and bottle our fragrances in small batches. Our fragrances have few ingredients, are hypo-allergenic, very shelf-stable, and are free of alcohol. Some of our ingredients are Jojoba, Castor oil, essential oils, and natural preservatives, Certified Organic whenever possible. The glass bottles, droppers, and jars are tested for leaks and other defects.We believe in a socially, and environmentally responsible company model known as a Triple Bottom Line where getting paid is equally important to social and environmental concerns. Zusa folks are paid a living wage, we source our materials carefully, recycle, re-purpose, reduce, and re-imagine the way we can accomplish this venture. Even the server that holds this website is a low-energy device.Our name Zusa comes from the ancient Germanic word Hagazussa, which means “fence-rider.” The fence is a metaphorical barrier between the human and the wild world, and Zusa is the powerful being who is able to walk in both worlds. Zusa is a healer and a shaman, and is symbolic of our companies’ intention to remain rooted in the natural world. Fragrances are related to memory, imagination, and a type of magick where the fragrance can transcend the ordinary, the mundane, and the human, and invoke other states of consciousness.Use the drop-down menu to choose from 30 scents.

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