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    Psychic Readings

    Instant Karma Asheville offers Psychic Readings and Channels to the community. We are currently only doing Readings via ZOOM and remote access channels.

    To Book A Session:

    • Either fill out the form on this page or go to our Facebook page and send us a message with details on what kind of reading you would like and which reader you would like to sit down with.
    • Please call our shop in West Asheville for any specific questions or inquiries.
      • West AVL (828) 285-8999
    • For groups and future bookings, please fill out the form on this page and we will return your inquiry within 24-48 hrs.
    • We also provide distance Readings via phone or Zoom. Fill out the form to set this up.
    • Off-location group sessions for events, bridal and bachelor parties, and retreats are available.

    How To Pay:

    Your payment will be processed BEFORE your reading, depending on the duration and type of reading. You can pay over the phone directly through our store, or through a PayPal invoice sent to your email.

    Meet Our Psychics & Readers

    Our professional, effective, and discerning Readers are here to guide you

    For over 12 years, Queen Jess Lee has channeled messages from spirit guides to her clients, becoming the bridge between the Spirit World and everyday life.

    Hi, I am Kelly Palmatier, and I am a full-time, professional psychic medium. I’ve been involved in psychic energy work for more than 30 years.

    Fairlight has over 20 years of offering Tarot and Palm readings. Find your truth, and feel empowered in following your path with a reading with Fairlight.

    My mission in life is to share the day’s light during the darkest of times, to uplift others in order to begin the healing process while encouraging those to live a happier and healthier life through their actions and hearts.

    Johnny Barnett has been a practicing Astrologer for over 27 years. His unique astrological perspective is based upon the relationship between the 7 planets of classical astrology and the 7 Chakras.

    I provide Celtic shamanic healing and elemental readings. Each reading is individualized through the combined use of the Tarot, Goddess cards, Runes, Celtic Animal totems and the pendulum.

    Christine is a professional astrologer, life coach and practitioner of divinatory arts and dream work. She combines all of these areas of expertise to offer guidance, insight and clarity towards the fulfillment of your goals.

    Cecilia Surbano, Hablo Espanol

    My mission in life is to awaken humanity to the spiritual world and to increase awareness of their own physical reality; based on their mental and emotional processes.

    I offer two types of sessions to choose from:
    Remote reiki & entity removal ($66)
    Clinical & Holistic hypnotherapy ($120)
    (ex:past lives regression, treating people with addictions, helping others with anxiety issues,  &/or emotional problems)