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Symbols of Healing

Throughout the ages and across many cultures, healing symbols have been used to promote wellness on all levels.  They elevate our vibrations and draw therapeutic, transformative energy. In nearly every culture, there is a belief in a universal spiritual energy that we can access.  This universal life force energy goes by many names – chi,

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Chakras are energy centers in the auric field that correspond with specific areas of the body. They facilitate the flow of Chi, or life force energy, throughout our being. When they are unable to flow freely or become blocked; various mental, emotional and even physical symptoms can result. Many people work with the Chakras to facilitate whole being

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Chakra Root Muladhara

As the base chakra color, red is said to represent all things intense and passionate. It governs the spine (Chi, Life Force), hips, legs, feet, bones, blood, circulation, prostate and adrenals.  The color red is a symbol of life, vitality and love.  It is also associated with desire, determination, danger, power and strength.  Its healing

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